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Codename Yellow EN

Last update: 1.6.2022


  1. For each video submission there needs to be one application form by the editor.
  2. All editors who contributed to the video’s creation need to be listed.
  3. Videos by two editors don’t get twice the prizes.
  4. Connichi attendance is not required to participate at the contests.
  5. Prizes will not be shipped. However, you may name a Connichi attendee in your application form to act as your proxy and pick up your prizes.
  6. Submission deadline is September 4, 2022.
  7. You may pick your footage regardless of its country of origin.
  8. Each video needs to be at least 90 seconds long and must not exceed 5 minutes.
  9. Participants may suggest a screenshot from their video to represent it during the contest.
  10. We may share a selection of videos with partners and sponsors for viewing purposes.
  11. If necessary we will re-encode your videos for proper playback at the contest.
  12. We may cut off any additional intro and credit videos.
  13. We may disqualify any offensive video and those of which we disapprove.
  14. There is no guarantee for any of your video to be screened at the Connichi.
  15. The contest results announced by Connichi are final and not subject to change.
  16. Non-compliance with the rules may lead to disqualification.
  17. Our decision is final.


  1. One anime music video per editor.
  2. The video, or parts of it (Betas, Previews), must not premiere elsewhere before October 9, 2022 (Connichi).
  3. Intro and credit videos are not permitted.
  4. The video must not contain any hints or credits towards the editor.


  1. Up to two anime music videos per editor.
  2. Each video must have premiered after August 4, 2019.


  1. One game music video per editor.
  2. Each video must have premiered after August 4, 2019.


E-Mail: amv(at)


In case of contradictions the German rules are decisive.