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Connichi AMV-Wettbewerb 2008


Editor Video Sonderpreise
Ryko89 &
The Darkest Vicinity Best Horror
Most Original
aprileagle Fleurs du Mal Best Drama
D3crypt0r &
Anime Mashup Best Comedy
CrackTheSky Hold on Best Upbeat
Cenit Rebirth – The Second Chance Best Character Profile
Bauzi Eve – The Perfect Human Best Artistic
ZEST Booty equals win Gesamtsieger
Best Fun

Editor Video Sonderpreise
ScorpionP Real Cool Club Best Fun
trexx Pretty Fly For A Longnose Guy Best Character Profile
Hige-san Drill of Destiny Best Metal
Kitsuner A little Retrospect Best Parody
NightHawk Be A Man Best Epic
Megamom OFS 2.0 – Chiikaboom Best Yuri-Fanservice
Best Upbeat
Nostromo Auriga Gesamtsieger
Best Dance
Best Visual