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Connichi AMV-Wettbewerb 2012


Platz Editor Video Jury Publikum Editoren
1 i__3 Mission XR 1 1 1
2 ZEST Halbstark 2 2 2
3 Lapskaus Friendship is Wurst 3 3 3
3 Cenit Wingman: Final Frontiers 3
FallenWingZ Let me Give your Heart a Break
Pic4 Under Your Spell
Noss Funny Faces
ceddic GO²!?!
zerial Sistarparty
Snowcrash The Fall
Twi-chan Despair
JadeCharm Addiction
Aiko Wind of Hope
Miso The girl with the blindfold
Kiriforce Consequences of Ignorance

Platz Editor Video
1 Noss Galaxy Suit
2 JadeCharm Fame
3 MisterFurious Men
4 JCD Weapon of Choice